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The Executive Laundry caters to young working professionals and families living in the central and commercial business districts and residential areas of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With the first shop starting in DIFC serving commercial and residential tenants along with neighboring areas on Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah and Business Bay. The second shop is in Jumeirah Beach Residences catering to the Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Emirates Living and Palm Jumeirah Areas. Our drivers are active in multiple other areas to provide you the best service possible. Our motto is simple “At your Service” – providing service with exceptional quality.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Take the pressure off yourself having to iron kids uniforms or having to iron a shirt every morning before work, Life is to be lived, so let us take care of the boring stuff. We cater for any type of laundry and any type of service requirement whether its washing, dry-cleaning or ironing. The Executive Laundry is at your service!

Alterations, Curtains, Carpets

Who has time to run around for alterations in this fast-paced day and age? Leave the small stuff to us as we cater to any alteration requirement. Call us for your spring-clean requirements for heavier house items like curtains, carpets etc.

Book Online

Book your pickup online in a few easy steps and our driver designated to your area will call you to co-ordinate a pick-up time and any other services you require. We are there at your convenience.

About Us :

The Executive Laundry and its shops were established in early 2011 to serve the ever-growing retail and corporate laundry and dry cleaning demand in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Group began its operation with a single retail laundry shop located in Dubai International Financial Centre. As the area grew in popularity, so did we. Today, the Group consists of a number of retail laundry shops all across Dubai and a fleet of laundry drivers that serve retail customers across a number of sectors in Dubai. The Executive Laundry now has over 20 highly trained laundry professionals with in depth industry experience.

Given the fast-paced life that most professionals and families face in Dubai, we cater to the segment that outsource their laundry and dry cleaning needs to third party service providers like us. The Executive Laundry owns and operates a number of retail outlets and vehicles in different densely populated residential, commercial and leisure areas of Dubai. These service providers offer laundry and dry cleaning services to the majority of personal garments and other household washable items. All processing of garments and other washable items are done at our partner’s state-of-the-art boutique industrial facility.

We are expanding on an ongoing basis, adding to our services as well as the number of outlets and drivers in order to cater to the laundry and cleaning requirements of Dubai’s population by providing quality services at reasonable prices. We are “At your Service.”

Services :

Just imagine:

  • Fresh, clean, ready to wear shirts folded or on hangers
  • Bed linen cleaned and pressed ready to use
  • Beautiful clean table linen
  • Soft folded towels
  • the convenience of home or workplace collection
  • Your personal items carefully wrapped and returned in our reusable packaging or a degradable bag.

We understand and respect that your garments can be extremely precious, valuable and even sentimental to you. We genuinely care, and strive to deliver the highest possible customer service to you and the best quality Laundry, Dry cleaning & finish for your items. Our experienced Customer service team will happily talk to you about the options for cleaning your garments.

All items are checked over before washing or Dry Cleaning, both on receipt & before being transferred to our dedicated processing centre. In some cases we may contact the Customer together with a photo if particular damage or staining is evident before we process.

Why not ask about our repairs & alterations service. Coupled with professional cleaning, we can breathe new life into your garments.

If you have a query relating to the cleaning of your garment or fabric, why not email us for our experienced and professional advice. We are Dubai’s premier Laundry and Dry Cleaner.

Dry Cleaning services

A process that cleans clothes without water. The cleaning fluid that is used is a liquid, and all garments are immersed and cleaned in a liquid solvent -- the fact that there is no water is why the process is called "dry."

Like many inventions, dry cleaning came about by accident. In 1855, Jean Baptiste Jolly, a French dye-works owner, noticed that his tablecloth became cleaner after his maid accidentally overturned a kerosene lamp on it. Operating through his dye-works company, Jolly offered a new service and called it "dry cleaning."

Early dry cleaners used a variety of solvents -- including gasoline and kerosene -- to clean clothes and fabrics. In the United States, the dry-cleaning industry is fairly new and has developed only during the past 75 years. Since World War II ended, the volatile synthetic solvents carbon tetrachloride and trichlorethylene gave way to a product known as perchlorethylene (perc), which became the overwhelming solvent choice for the industry.

We use the highest quality solvents for cleaning, in order to provide you with the best care for your clothes.

Ironing Service

We will give you complete Ironing services. We will collect your clothes, clean them and then iron them so that all you have to do is hang them back in your wardrobe ready to wear immediately.

Take the pressure off yourself having to iron kids uniforms or having to iron a shirt every morning before work, Life is to be lived, so let us take care of the boring stuff

Alterations Services

Whether it's a simple shortening of a hem or a pair of trousers, invisibly mending a tear, or a major adjustment to a haute couture item, the same dedication goes into our tailors work.

And we don't just lob a bit off the bottom. If, for example, you want the sleeves of a jacket shortened, we'll start at the top, taking the extra material from the shoulder and adjusting the shoulder pads and lining, so that the original detail at the cuff of the sleeve remains.

This attention to detail is paramount in any clothing alterations, be it shortening or lengthening jackets, sleeves, trousers, skirts, dresses, adding or removing turn-ups, adjusting waist size or lapels, or even just moving buttons.

Curtains, Sofas and Carpet Cleaning

If you're looking at a spring clean and are looking at freshening up the space by getting your home's carpets, sofas and curtains cleaned, give us a call. We will come for a full consultation and will then ensure that your items are cleaned and done up either at your premises or at our facilities and then put back in exactly the manner you require so you don't have to face any hassles in your house cleaning.

Disclaimer :

TEL will exercise utmost due care and precautions in processing each article using the method that is best suited to its nature and conditions of the fabric and as at all-time adhered to the recommended cleaning procedure as stated in the Care Label.

TEL will not be held responsible for any defects in material, discolouration, colour loss, shrinkage, exposure, due tovits weak nature and conditions of the fabric that are not visibly apparent prior to acceptable processing procedure. This applies to all articles sent for laundry, dry-cleaning or ironing and this is especially so for CURTAINS and CUSHION COVERS in particular.

TEL will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to ornaments, special buttons, trimmings, sequins, buckles, beads, belts, shoulder pads, elastic bands or any other things that is left with the deposited articles. In the event of fire, loss or damage, however caused to the deposited articles for which we may accept liability without prejudice, such liability TEN (10) TIMES the rate charge for cleaning the particular article whichever is lower and it will be in the form of our company’s voucher. All claims must be made within twenty-four (24) hours after notification or receipt of the article and must be accompanied by the original official receipt. TEL reserves the right to determine the amount of compensation. Such compensation shall be limited to the fair value of the article after taking into consideration the depreciation in value due to age, fashion and use.

Any request or attempts to remove stains will be done at the sole risk of the customer. COMPLETE REMOVAL OF STAINS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

Customers must indicate the number of articles while depositing with us, otherwise our count will be deemed to be correct and final. We will not entertain any further claim whatsoever, should there be any discrepancy.

Customers must inspect all articles and any dissatisfaction if any must be made known at the point of delivery or collection, otherwise no subsequent complaints shall be entertained.

All articles must be claimed within TWO (2) WEEKS from the date indicated on our invoice or cash sale, otherwise TEL reserves the right to dispose of all unclaimed articles after the expiry date.

Price List :

SUIT 2PCS 30.00 40.00
SUIT 3PCS 35.00 45.00
TIE 5.00 8.00
SHIRT NORMAL/SILK 6.00/10.00 10.00/15.00
T-SHIRT 7.00 10.00
UNDER SHIRT 7.00 10.00
SHORTS 7.00 10.00
PYJAMA 7.00 10.00
SKIRT NORMAL/SILK 10.00/12.00 15.00/20.00
GHATRA 5.00 8.00
DISH DASHA (THOBE) 10.00 15.00
ABAYYA 12.00 20.00
BLOUSE 10.00 15.00
SCARF/SHAWL 6.00 10.00
DRESS NORMAL/EVENING 20.00/30.00 38.00/50.00
SARI NORMAL/SPECIAL 20.00/35.00 30.00/65.00
JACKET NORMAL/LEATHER 20.00 25.00/65.00
COAT 20.00 30.00
DUVET COVER SINGLE/DOUBLE 15.00/20.00 25.00/35.00
BED SHEET SINGLE/DOUBLE 10.00/15.00 15.00/25.00
PILLOW COVER 5.00 8.00
SOCKS 1 PAIR - 3.00

Shop Locations :


Shop Address : The Executive Laundry
Precinct Building 3
Dubai International Financial Center
P.O. Box 37889, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Shop Contact Details: Tel: +971 4 3799885
Mob: +971 56 7344955
Shop Opening Times : Sunday – Thursday: 7:30am – 7:30pm
Friday: 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Shop Address : Gardenia Star Laundry
Sadaf 7 Podium Level
Jumeirah Beach Residence ? Dubai Marina
P.O. Box 37889, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Shop Contact Details : Tel: +971 4 4542345
Mob: +971 50 9126987
Shop Opening Times : Sunday – Thursday: 9:00am – 11:00pm
Friday: 4:00pm – 11:00pm

Shop Address : Clean Way Laundry
Shop No S-06, Y-16 England Cluster,
International City
PO Box 37889 Dubai United Arab Emirates
Shop Contact Details : Tel: +9714 4504116, (Mob: + 971 55 592276)
Shop Opening Times : Sunday - Thursday: 9:00am - 11:00pm
Friday: 4:00pm - 11:00pm

Careers :

TEL is continuously looking to grow its team of laundry professionals. Whether you are looking to join the Processing or Sales or Operating department, TEL will be more than happy to learn more about your experience and find the best fit position.

Please specify which department you would like to apply for from the below and send us your CV to:

Some of the positions that can be applied for are:

• Shop In-charge
• Sorter
• Pressman (Steam Hand Press)
• Pickup / Delivery Man
• Driver

Online Booking Page :

Contact us :

The Executive Laundry’s team of professionals in Dubai are always available to hear from you.